Choosing A Dance Style

Choosing a dance style is a bit like choosing clothes. You select a dance style based on if it’s the way you’d like to dance. Tied into this choice is the fact if you think it will suit you, then you will enjoy wearing it or enjoy having the moves on you.

You have a mind boggling number of styles to choose from however if you’re looking for a popular style of dance you probably won’t need to look at much more than 20 or so styles to see what it is you’re after.

While you know what the style of dance looks like in appearance, you may not know what it is called and so it will become necessary for your eyes to become accustomed to what can be expected of each style.

Each of the dance styles from around the world emerged under differing circumstances at different times, different cultures and different styles of music.

Some dance studios may offer hundreds of dance classes in different styles each week and so you may think to yourself how you will ever come to your decision. A little bit of research will save you a lot of time.

All it really takes is to see perhaps a few minutes of each style or to see perhaps 5 different videos of each dance style to get an idea of what each dance style covers. As each style has different moves, you will not learn the same moves whichever one you pick.

You do not have to do this for hundreds of styles of dancing but if you do this for perhaps 10 – 20 of the most popular styles you will know in which general direction you are leaning towards.

You can then find a dance class which is based in this style of dance and give it a go. Sometimes a style of dance may not be what you expected of it when you actually do it though it may be enjoyable to watch. You can only find this out when you actually do it.

If the class is not right for you even though you like the dance style, it may be that the teacher was not right for you and you might like another teacher’s version of that style more.

So when it comes to choosing a style of dance, do a little bit of research and then once that’s done there’s no knowledge like experience.

Clinton Vargas